Coaching success stories


Coaching Success Stories

Sarah Stemmler

Advertisment Industry


I had my first coaching session with Michael in April 2020. A friend of mine recommended Michael to me as a life coach. I had felt really really stuck in my life and my job, and anxious and really didn’t know what to do. I was stuck in my head and had lost my normally natural high energy state. I would say I really had a hard time behind me and I kinda was in a black hole. Michael helped me take back the responsibility I have over my life.

Michael is a really honest person and I would highly recommend you to invest in yourself and in him if you feel stuck.

Now I feel more emotionally stable, I listen to myself and I am able to take the next big steps in my private and career life.

I would book Michael at any time in my life again.

Gabriel Falcão

Software Craftsperson


After a series of unfortunate events, a friend recommended me to get coaching sessions with Michael. I was scared at first, not knowing what to expect; not knowing how to start.

We had a total of 5 sessions, 45 minutes each, that might sound little but was enough to promote positive changes in my life.

Our sessions were vastly comprised of questions that helped me unlock my potential, deconstruct my "paralysis by analysis" and get rid of fears that hindered my productivity.

While staying true to the principles of coaching, Michael went beyond to help me achieve my goals, giving me mental frameworks as well as tips of tools to help me manage time and priorities.

We had an in-person session at first then all other meetings via video-call which worked perfectly.

Dominik Galiläa

Senior Marketing Manager


Michael coached me over the past few months and helped me to make a shift in my life. His coaching was good to be held accountable.

I would highly recommend Michael to work with, if you want to make a change in your professional or private life.

Sarah Visser

Child Care Professional


The free 30 min consultation not only helped me decide that coaching was the right tool, but also that Michael was the right coach. I directly felt at ease due to his open, friendly and understanding manner. I felt reassured about making the right investment of time and money due to his professionalism, knowledge and accessibility of the methods, tools and frameworks he uses.

I thought coaching could be difficult to integrate into my differing shift patterns, but his flexibility and holding appointments via Zoom meant timetabling was never an issue and we worked remotely for the duration.

Between sessions, Michael was always more than happy to answer questions and held me accountable in the targets we had set.

The fact that he messaged me before significant events and milestones demonstrates his attention to detail and the high level of customer care provided by someone who is not only incredibly capable in what they do, but also extremely passionate and highly motivated.

Having already reaped the rewards of our sessions together and achieved my initial goals, not only in my private life as I had hoped for, but also surprisingly to me within my professional life in the social sector, I have booked additional sessions to continue to push myself further.

I cannot recommend Michael highly enough to anyone wishing to make significant positive changes in either their private or professional life. 

Nana Meulen-gracht Larsen

Senior Visitor Experience Manager


Michael coached me over a three months period. I found our sessions invaluable for gaining clarity over the direction I want to go and for bolstering my confidence in my abilities and skills. Through these sessions I have also come to recognise how I can re-think how I view myself as a leader both with teams and individuals and on a personal level.

This has been a great step forward for me as I move from a senior role in paid employment towards self-employment and running my own business.

Michael’s style is both straight talking and emphatic. I enjoyed the mixture of coaching and consulting we had agreed and always felt listened to yet challenged to consider new perspectives.

I would recommend Michael to anyone looking for support to positively move forward in their life and career.

Dennis Gneuss

Chief Digital Officer


Michael worked with me to bring my leadership & communications skills to the next level. I enjoyed each session with him due to his great empathy and quick understanding of each situation.

I felt the improvements immediately after each session. In general, Michael helped me a lot to find my leadership balance and we improved the way I communicate.

Additionally, Michael enabled me within a few sessions to be a confident and relaxed speaker at the Noah tech conference - Berlin.

This was my first appearance on stage ever!

Alejandra Rivas Pachón

Business Development Manager 


It took me 28 years to realize that I had spent too much of my time acquiring professional skills to fit in a world where looking and learning from the outside seemed to be the right thing to do if I wanted to succeed. Even though I had “everything I needed in my life”, I was missing something. There was a piece in the puzzle I couldn´t find  even by listening to my relatives, well-known podcasts, reading and trying to find something “out there” that would help me reconnect again with my inner passion. That´s when I chose Michael and made one of the most valuable investments for myself. Like drinking water, getting quality food, or doing sports: having a coaching process tailored to my personal needs became essential for my wellbeing. 

With a very professional yet friendly and empathetic approach, he took me into a path of self-discovery and empowerment for better decision-making.

I would recommend him without doubts!

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