Speaker Training

Public Speaking is the number one fear – ahead of death!

1 hour 30 min

Prices vary

I was a professionally trained performer for 17 years. I not just performed in front of hundreds of thousands of people with some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry but I also coached, trained, and directed many performers and artists to do exactly the same.

We are living in an era where it is expected for leaders in a company to represent their organisations at conferences, meet-ups, and online employee branding videos. Startups are trying to be agile and as a result, are having daily stand-ups, sprints, and retrospectives. The managers are expected to drive business and be motivating, inspiring and leading their teams. This is all well and good, except they forget to teach that bit at university…

Speaker training will help you inspire others and:

Overcome the fear and performance anxiety

Improve your communication skills

Improve your social connections

Enhance your public speaking

As a speaker trainer I have experience assisting my clients at:

Speaking at conferences (Noah, Landing Festival, TOA and more)


Stand-ups / Meet-ups

Job interviews

Body language & vocal tone training for increased self-awareness

It has been proven that over 90% of all communication is non-verbal and that within seconds somebody has already decided what they think of you.

I am an absolute expert in this field.

Be confident in contacting me knowing I can help you make a real impression.

Confidence is contagious and as humans, we like to feel comfortable around others.

Once you have mastered your performance presence as an addition to all the skills you have, you will inspire audiences and/or your team.

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